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Little-known “dos & don’ts” of increasing your landing page’s response rate

There are 5 key page elements which most sites bungle—elements which are pivotal to getting good conversion rates.

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I’d like to teach you how to tweak those 5 elements, and thereby dramatically increase the overall effectiveness of any landing page.

  • You get one lesson by email each day
  • Each reveals one of 5 costly mistakes most landing pages make—with clear instructions for fixing them
  • You can fix each in 30 minutes without spending any money
  • Each is based on scientific testing that proves it boosts conversions

Is this stuff really any different?

Who could blame you for asking. You can’t move on the internet these days without stepping in the swill from a so-called guru. Here are a few comments I’ve gotten from customers—excuse the colorful language, but I think it gets the point across pretty well:

I love no-nonsense, zero BS marketing advice and boy do you give it - in shed loads.

I signed up for your emails and I’m really enjoying them. This shocked me really, as I tend to unsubscribe from anybody’s mailing list as soon as I’ve downloaded and read the (usually useless) report they sucked me into downloading. I really enjoy the tone of both your website and your emails and the straightforward language you use — it’s such a refreshing change from the four-hour this or the awesome-that, which are usually absolute shit.

You’re no-nonsense, straightforward, and honest about what you do. You don’t pull any punches on what you think, and when you give advice or commentary, it’s usually decently insightful and/or funny.

There are currently only two lists that email daily that I've stayed on - yours and Seth Godin.

I got most of these comments through an anonymous survey I ran using Google Forms, so unfortunately I can’t share the names of the people who made them. But why not find out for yourself if they’re right? Enroll for your free micro-course below.

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